20 Years of Websites Evolution: Part 4 – Data Integration

Besides pages content, sites usually show data which was produced inside the company – for example, products catalog, customer information or statistical data. That data can be the result of another internal system or even entered manually into a file, but often some kind of processing was required in order to transfer it into the site database.
Finding out how to automatically move data from one system to another is the topic of this chapter.

20 Years of Websites Evolution: Part 3 – Dynamic Pages

In the previous part we saw how the systems which supported website publishing evolved during the years. But that evolution, which ended with CMS products, only effected those who create and maintain the sites, and site visitors were not aware of it. But there was another technological evolution that occurred simultaneously which had greater impact on the them, since it happened in their own browsers. This is the Client Side Evolution.

20 Years of Websites Evolution: Part 2 – Content Management Systems

Although Excel was not a very successful content editing tool, it did had one characteristics which had potential – the use of *structured* data. Users had predefined fields to enter the page content, and since those fields only contains the actual text that needed to display, developers could easily wrap the field content inside the appropriate HTML markup, ensuring it will be displayed correctly in all the browsers.

20 Years of Websites Evolution: Introduction

We live inside one of the greatest revolution that ever existed – the digital revolution.
In today’s world, most of our business, communication and education is done online. Over 50% of the world population are using the internet, and most of them are active in social network sites. In this series will dive into the evolution of websites over the last 20 years, and learn what it really means to build a modern website.

Where is my CSS?

In the early days, when I started using CSS, I was very frustrated. It just never seem to work – all the changes I made in the CSS styles never seemed to take effect in the site.

Today, after a long acquaintance with Cascading Style Sheets (commonly called CSS), I am a lot calmer. This does not mean I do not have any CSS issues, but I do have a method which helps me solve most problems.

In this guide I will describe this method, in the hope that it will save you time and grief.