Hi, I’m Eran Hertz, and I’ve been developing complex web applications for over 25 years.

The first site I’ve made did not use CSS, because it did not exist at that time. During the years I had to learn many new technologies in order to keep up-to-date, which was lucky because learning is the second thing I like the most (the first being teaching others about the things I’ve learned).

You can get a taste of my journey and the things I’ve learned in my “20 Years of Website Evolution” series. The series starts from the beginning of the web and describe how new business requirement completely transformed websites design – requirements like Content Publishing, Data Integration, User Interactivity, Web & Mobile Applications, Marketing, Legal & Ethical, Security, and High Availability.

My expertise is systems analysis, architecture, security, performance, SEO and finding problems in other people code.
I also like to train developers with new technologies and to perform POC in a variety of topics.

I’ve started this blog in order to support Decision-Makers, Architects, Developers and IT professionals in the ongoing mission of delivering high performance, high quality and secured sites to production.

You can contact me at eranhertz@gmail.com