Where is my CSS?

In the early days, when I started using CSS, I was very frustrated. It just never seem to work – all the changes I made in the CSS styles never seemed to take effect in the site.

Today, after a long acquaintance with Cascading Style Sheets (commonly called CSS), I am a lot calmer. This does not mean I do not have any CSS issues, but I do have a method which helps me solve most problems.

In this guide I will describe this method, in the hope that it will save you time and grief.

Why you shouldn’t log into your browser at work

All modern browsers have the option of logging into them, which the browser offers immediately after installation. If you do this, all your browsing data (favorites, history, open tabs, plugins, etc.) are automatically uploaded to the cloud and shared with other copies of the browser you have logged into them. In the case of Chrome it also automatically sign you into your Google account on all Google sites.

So where’s the problem, you ask?